A revolution is taking place in the workplace that is freeing human potential as never before...

Staying Great BrochurePeople are interacting at a faster pace and assuming new responsibilities not imagined only a few years ago. And, more is expected.

Businesses are searching for new ways to keep up and remain competitive. The problem is, traditionally separate methods of organization development and training don’t work anymore. Training has become an “event” rather than a “process.” Learning is slow, inconsistent, and fragmented. Accountability is vague.

Our experienced instructional designers have created over 1,000 learning modules, ranging from three to over-thirty hours of content. All of our content is performance-based and goal-referenced. Experienced facilitators of adult learning, we excel at delivering timely programs comprised of relevant content that consistently enhance individual and collective performances. In most cases these programs will merit “CEU’s” or credits from nationally accredited educational institutions, including our frequent partner, Edgewood College (Madison, Wisconsin.)


StayingGreat Learning Programs

We provide our clients with a complete range of contemporary learning programs. All of our courses and synchronous training sessions are:

  • Contemporary in substance and style
  • Based upon adult learning principles
  • Flexible and useful for group or team learning experiences
  • Available for use with multiple sites
  • Designed to be integrated into daily work assignments
  • Rigorous, sophisticated, and internally consistent (linked)
  • Designed to meet the needs of all levels of employees
  • Facilitated by our group of experienced I/O psychologists and OD professionals.  


A sample of StayingGreat programs:

  • Self Management Factor

  • Thinking Factor

  • Leadership Factor

  • Effective Communications

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Assessment Approach

  • Developing a change process

  • Change is improvement/innovation

  • Manager as Coach

This list is a representative list taken from our 1000+ learning modules.

So, if you have a need for a particular learning topic – let us know – we are confident we can meet your needs. 

AND all programs are available at the same competitive price and fully cost effective.