Unlike many on-line training systems each of our programs will include 18 hours of “synchronous” training sessions.

During these live sessions, participants can effectively collaborate with each other audibly and instantly share anything through a live chat box. The facilitator who will also be visible on everyone’s computer screens as the live learning sessions are presented. This method ensures a performance based output.

Each program has 3 workshops of 6 one hour training sessions. Prior to these sessions participants will receive on-line study and reference materials. Participants will have email contact with the facilitator. The sessions include case studies, application assignments and assessments. Each session will be recorded, which keeps everyone – even those who couldn’t attend a live session – on the same page.

Through the use of these methods participating employee's need never leave their desk.  These methods also apply to virtual  employees (and learners.) All they need is a computer and a headset/microphone with USB connection ability.

Progress reports and final grading will be sent to the participants and the sponsor of the participants.

Each program can be organized for up to 20 participants at a time. In many case they will be all from one organization. But the “20” number could also be made up from several organizations needing the same program at the same time.

To be completely effective, we recommend each live program session should be of 2 hours in duration over a nine-week span. But, it is possible to shorten this timeframe if a client's needs demand.


Financial Investment

As a “rule of thumb” all the 1000+ learning modules in our curriculum cost out at the same figure. The individual participant fee depends on the number of participants completing any one program. We offer customized approaches based on each client's unique needs. We are confident you will be amazed at the cost effectiveness, “Return on Investment” (ROI) and "Impact on Business" (IOB).

AND it is a complete training program you can use time and time again to ensure you are StayingGreat.