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Want to know who your organization's future leaders will be?  Simply take a look at those individuals in your ranks who seek out change, not for change sake, but for the purpose of bettering what is already being done.  These are the folks who will successfully lead your organization to greater heights.

What you see, however, is only their potential.  If you do not harness both their passions and their innate ability, someone else just might recognize their creative change leadership and lure them away.  But if, as an organization, you actively help them mold their career experiences and interests into a role vital to your strategic direction, a powerful collaboration will emerge, a mutually beneficial partnership between organization and individual.

How you develop this emerging talent is directly related to your future success.  Look anywhere and you’re bound to see dedicated professionals working long hours, doing more with less, whose presence in the workplace seemingly leaves little time for extra development.  That’s the norm in which modern organizations operate.  Fewer and fewer managers are comfortable sending employees off-site for extended development opportunities (not to mention the cost, particularly when travel costs are also on the rise).

For impactful, measurable and highly effective development (after all, who looks for pointless training for employees....), managers are struggling to discover creative and innovative ways to grow their future leaders.  That’s precisely why StayingGreat was created.  It’s the combination of real-time development programming (taught by college faculty), the convenience of completing this training directly from your office, the purposeful blending of interactive training and practical application, and on-going individual assessment and coaching by trained Industrial-Organizational psychology professionals that makes StayingGreat unique.

Albert Einstein is purported to have said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  In an Information Age, we need to be mindful of this message. Yesterday’s formula for success may not be today’s. It almost certainly will not be tomorrow’s. Accordingly, as leaders, we must work on becoming a “change champion,” someone who encourages risk taking and the testing of limits.  Give your people the latitude to experiment and use their leading edge tools and capabilities. You just may be pleasantly surprised with what they return. 

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Trevor Nagle is a Consultant with Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC). He posseses more than fifteen years of experience as an internal and external organizational development (OD) consultant. He has designed and implemented training and development and change management activities for public, private, and non-profit leaders and workforces. .. Read More »

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