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Staying on Top

Being great is, well....great!  Many organizations have reached that pinnacle, however, only to experience the subsequent slide to mediocrity.  What are you doing to prevent the decline in your organization?

Over the past decade, there has been an overwhelming effort to understand organizational greatness.  If you’re like similar-minded executives, you’ve joined this march from “Good to Great,” and your organization is an ingrained source of pride for you.  Profits are at an all-time high.  Employees are engaged.  Local communities are grateful and enthusiastic partners in social and community efforts.  

So, how do you stay there?  How do you keep the momentum headed in the right direction.  How do you cultivate more greatness?

Whether keeping up with the ever increasing pace of change, strengthening your talent pipeline, or nurturing innovation in your employees, the workplace is now freeing more human potential than ever before.  Training and development, however, is often viewed more as an event than a process.  This ultimately shortchanges the people potential and saps ever tightening training funds.

Training is not an event, though, but rather a process.  It is a continuum of learning at all levels, encompassing all your employees and harnessing learning through a combination of formal training, mentoring and coaching, and the on-the-job application of skills.  This isn’t a unique concept.  So, why has corporate training continuously missed the boat in providing such robust development?

The StayingGreat model explicitly combines these three aspects of development (high-quality formal training, coaching, and applied learning) in a platform that leverages advancement in learning technologies, along with the expertise you’ve already successfully developed in your organization.  In this way, we partner with organizations that are the most committed to the growth and development of their leaders an employees to provide measurable results aligned to the goals and direction of your organization.  Gone are the days of off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all training solutions.  Our customized partnerships with organizations, with expert college faculty facilitators and a strong cadre of support staff, may be just what you’re looking for to help you keep your organization “StayingGreat.”

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Trevor Nagle is a Consultant with Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC). He posseses more than fifteen years of experience as an internal and external organizational development (OD) consultant. He has designed and implemented training and development and change management activities for public, private, and non-profit leaders and workforces. .. Read More »

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